Portraits for NHS Heroes

Portraits for NHS Heroes

I enjoy painting peonies because they are beautiful and represent prosperity. But at this unprecedented time, there are more beautiful things in life - that's our frontline COVD - 19 heroes. That's why I decided to join Sky Portrait Artist Tom Croft's initiative #portraitsfornhsheroes to paint some portraits for free for them to capture their beautiful hearts and the courage they are showing in this pandemic.

Cardiology nurse K from University Hospital Birmingham Trust

When I showed this painting to the cardiology nurse K from University Hospital Birmingham Trust, she was over the moon! I have had great interactions with her during the painting process. She often works during the night. Despite the challenges she and her colleagues are facing during this pandemic, nurse K struck me as someone who is resolute positive, kind and very bubbly. Although she often works at night, she brings sunshine to the people around her. That's why I chose a sunny background for her!

She doesn't think she's a hero - for her she is just doing her job, but to people like you and me, she is like all of the other frontline workers - COVID-19 Heroes - as they risking their lives to help us, our communities and the United Kingdom. Although the portrait is of Nurse K it is like a war portrait, one individual who represents the best of humanity!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we will never forget you and all the others who are giving so much in this time of crisis.

Laura & Tracey - Portraits for NHS Heroes

This is my second free portrait for NHS heroes as a very small thank you for all they do.

It is a very touching story. It is an NHS couple - who together every day make a difference in peoples lives. It was actually their friend Barbara who nominated them as her own special gratitude for their friendship and all that they do.

Laura (in black scrub) is a Palliative Medicine consultant working between the Leicester Royal Infirmary and LOROS Hospice. Tracey (in light grey scrub) is her partner and is a Counsellor at LOROS.

They care for patients with terminal and progressive illnesses, such as late stage cancer. One of the many challenges during COVID-19 is that the patients’ families cannot be with them during their final moments in our world. Laura, Tracey and many others like them become their families. Tracey comforted and held the hand of a patient as he took his last breaths. Laura helps patients to taste their favourite drink when they can’t swallow very well by putting it on a sponge and cleaning their mouth. They also work with families to help support them and create a family tree of the fingerprints of the patients and their families as a memory if this is something they want.

During the virtual sitting, we thought it was so important to show the warmth and love between them and of course their patients and their families. Their smiles radiate care and a deep appreciation of the joy of life.

Thank you Laura and Tracey. Thank you Barbara for sharing their story.

Oil portrait painting of Dr Karen Oso - Portrait for NHS Heroes

Dr Karen Oso is another of our NHS Heroes! She is originally from Edinburgh and is now a GP in a small town called Penicuik. Her love for her patients and her job is clear from our conversation. She is pleased with the good protective measures in place and is concerned about some of the shortages she hears about in other parts of the UK. She senses that the community has truly come together and is closer than ever. In the past, people would just greet each other but now even though they adhere to social distancing people stop and enquire that the everyone is ok - every life has value. I feel that same sense of concern for the well being of others  in my neighbourhood as well. Hopefully, this sense of community will strengthen at all levels and across borders. This is my third portrait for NHS Heroes. It is my way of saying thank you.