Golden Age - Peony - The Peony Girl

Golden Age - Peony

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This original painting, depicting a bouquet of pink peonies on a dark background, was inspired by the Dutch golden age still life flower paintings in the 16th and 17th century. 

In the painting, we can see blossoming peony flowers, flowers that are withering, as well as new buds coming out - symbolising the circle of life. 

The painting was created with pigments and ink on rice paper, then mounted on silk. It took over 18 hours to complete it.

Size (including the frame): 56 cm x 75 cm x 3 cm.

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Live the Peony Girl lifestyle

I created The Peony Girl because I want to share the beautiful things in life with you. It's not just a painting to decorate your room, but also for you to wear it and live in it. Check out the possibilities of customising your Peony Girl Lifestyle!

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