RHS Chelsea 2021 Painting “Peony Field”
RHS Chelsea 2021 Painting “Peony Field”

RHS Chelsea 2021 Painting “Peony Field”

Regular price £7,500.00

Created for this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show, this magnificent oil painting shows a peony field outside a window.

The two-piece painting started from an idea of a field covered with blossoming peonies - beautiful and soft, inviting for a barefoot walk. The original inspiration for delicate pink peonies was Lovely Rose peony - chosen in February for our "Peony of the Month" project.

Over time, the painting gradually evolved. First, a window frame was added, alongside a vase with fresh herbaceous peonies to create an effect as if someone was living next to a peony field. Then, branch shadows were added to create a dreamy, romantic feeling.

With this painting, one can feel as if they lived next to a stunning peony field which stays full of sweet fragrance and colourful flowers turning towards the sun-filled, cloudless blue sky, regardless of the weather or time of the year!

Media: oil on canvas
Size: 1 x 1.5m x 2
Price: £7,500

Live the Peony Girl lifestyle

I created The Peony Girl because I want to share the beautiful things in life with you. It's not just a painting to decorate your room, but also for you to wear it and live in it. Check out the possibilities of customising your Peony Girl Lifestyle!

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