Xanadu - Swallows
Xanadu - Swallows

Xanadu - Swallows

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The painting is one part of the three-piece artwork "Xanadu". Originally inspired by a Classical Chinese poem “The Peach Blossom Spring” and the idea of an idyllic, peaceful place. It was created during the pandemic, when many struggled with feelings of isolation, and were in need of a place of solace and escape from daily troubles; a place like "Xanadu". You can read the full story of the painting here

This part focuses on swallows - they are a lucky sign, a symbol of love and transition. They're flying over stunning blossoming peonies. If you invite them to your home, we hope they bring you comfort and good fortune! It's perfect as a standalone piece, but we also recommend purchasing the whole set of three paintings - the effect is astonishing when they are displayed together, as you can see in the last photo. 

"Xanadu" was made in traditional Chinese gongbi technique, using ink and pigments on rice paper. The process needed much care, focus, and attention to detail, and to obtain the desired depth of colour, there were over ten layers of ink used to paint the elements in the painting and the background. 

You can see the other parts here: Xanadu - Butterflies and Xanadu - Peony.

Size68 cm x 138 cm / 27" x 54"

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