July - Festiva Maxima

Festiva Maxima

The botanical art print of Peony (Paeonia) “Festiva Maxima” painting is now available in our store! Apart from peony paintings and fine art, in our “Peony of the Month” project we discuss peony garden design and floral arrangement!

The summer heat is on! Everything is basking in July sun, and all plants and flowers are in full bloom around. Even though the peony season is already behind us, the Peony of the Month team continues to present you with unique, fresh peonies to keep the peony magic alive! 

Join us in the "Peony of the Month Chat Show" to find out more! 

Why we chose her 

"Festiva Maxima" is a classic, old French variety of herbaceous peony. She has big, double flower forms.  Despite being around for many years, she is still one of the most popular. Her creamy white flowers are flecked with red, as if someone has dribbled raspberry jam from their cream scones onto the centre of the large flower! The strong scent and alluring colour are equally delicious.
Festiva Maxima - The Peony Girl
This particular peony can grow up to 100 cm and is classified as an early season flowering variety. She isn't difficult to care for - it's a friend and tested variety, suitable for beginner gardeners. She also has beautiful, sweet scent that makes her a great addition to your home. 
Peony "Avalanche"

"Festiva Maxima" resembles another herbaceous peony named "Avalanche"- on the right.
However, "Avalanche" grows smaller than our July peony, only reaching around 70-90 cm of height.

"Festiva Maxima" in the garden

With the soft, blousy flowers of Festiva Maxima, it is an interesting idea to create a romantic, cottage-looking garden. For the colour scheme, we recommend combining the creamy white petals of our July peony with pastel colours.
One proposition is the long season flowering Geranium himalayense 'Derrick Cook' with its light pink, streaked flowers. They have big, attractive petals that will stand out against the foliage and the waving white dots of the grass Melica altissima alba - our second choice.
Geranium himalayense Derrick Cook
Geranium himalayense 'Derrick Cook'
melica altissima alba
Melica altissima alba

Together with "Festiva Maxima", these perennials will create a very romantic combination to any garden. It's the sort of combination that will nestle in perfectly with old-fashioned rambling roses, pastel Aquilegia, Allium 'Purple Sensation' and Siberica iris.

Botanical Art on Your Wall

All peonies from the Peony of the Month collection are painted by Siyuan Ren and turned into a limited edition series. There will be only 35 prints available of each peony. Each piece will be numbered and signed.

Apart from the limited-edition prints, we will also have a more affordable option - open-edition A4 prints! Click here to view the "Festiva Maxima" peony print in the store.
Festiva Maxima peony - Botanical art print

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