September - Blushing Princess

Peony of the Month - Blushing Princess

The botanical art print of Peony (Paeonia) “Blushing Princess” painting is now available for sale in our store! In addition to peony paintings and fine art, in our “Peony of the Month” project, we discuss horticulture and garden design.

The time for introducing our September Peony has come... even though it's October! Participating in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show kept us busy, so here is a teeny-tiny delay... But we are happy to present you "Blushing Princess", a beautiful, sweet, pale-pink peony. 

Join us in the "Peony of the Month Chat Show" to find out more about this sweet and beautiful flower, hear our guests reminiscing about the addictive Chelsea Flower Show, Binny Plants' stand, and more:

Why we chose her 

There is quite an interesting story connected to this month's choice, and it relates to one of Siyuan's partners in the project - Binny Plants. As you may recall, two years ago, in May 2019, Siyuan and Binny Plants showcased at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show together. It was on that remarkable day when she met the Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth II - the fate decided that their stand had been on the Royal Route! 

On that day, Siyuan have Her Majesty a hand-painted silk fan, and Billy and Binny Plants presented a bouquet of peonies. Which type of peony? Well, you guessed it! "Blushing Princess"! She is a quite rare flower, introduced only recently and not commonly seen in gardens or stores. And that's why Binny Plants decided on introducing her - the Princess - to Her Majesty the Queen! 
Peony of the Month - Blushing Princess

Since then, we have associated her with this time of the year - Chelsea Flower Show time - even if the recent show took place in autumn instead of spring. 

"Blushing Princess" in the garden

"Blushing Princess" is a herbaceous, upright peony, growing up to 80 cm. She flowers mid-season and has a sweet, strong fragrance! She's one of the few peonies that have a truly strong scent. 

She has beautiful, blousy flowers - with pale-pink petaloids framing the golden centre. Her pink is not too strong, just the right hue with a porcelain feel to it. She is romantic and subtle, everything that you'd expect hearing "pink peony"! 

According to our expert on garden design - Heath, the delicate and sweet "Blushing Princess" will look best in a romantic setting or a cottage garden. Or, perhaps a royal palace!

Since she is a rare, new peony, we advise you to put the spotlight on her and choose smaller, subtle flowers to accompany her. We recommend pairing her with geranium 'Derrick Cook' - its delicate, white-pink and white-purple flowers will create a lovely colour composition with the pinks of "Blushing Princess".

geranium 'Derrick Cook'
Geranium 'Derrick Cook'

For a complete look of a romantic garden, we suggest using soft-looking grass to complement the peonies and geraniums. 

Botanical Art on Your Wall

There are many pink peonies out there, but of course, each of them is different. Painting "Blushing Princess" was quite challenging from an artistic perspective. Siyuan wanted to showcase the delicateness, softness, and smoothness of her petals - which are almost without any wrinkles - in a way that would give justice to this shy, young girl-like peony. We hope you like the final effect! 

All peonies from the Peony of the Month collection are painted by Siyuan Ren and turned into a limited edition series. There are only 35 prints available of each peony in total. Each piece is numbered and signed.

Apart from the limited-edition prints, we will also have a more affordable option - open-edition A4 prints! Click here to view the "Blushing Princess" peony print in the store. 
Blushing Princess Painting
Blushing Princess 2

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