Fashionistas Fall in Love With Fashion Face Masks!

Fashionistas Fall in Love With Fashion Face Masks!

In this new age we live in, the world of fashion has found a new hero - the face mask! 

This is not the medical face mask found throughout hospitals and care homes nor is it the N95 face mask found on those working with COVID19 victims. Rather, this is the fashion face mask for ladies and gentlemen, fashionistas and all of us who think twice about what we wear. 

The adoption cycle for fashion face masks follows a well known pattern - the country undergoes a “lockdown” or “circuit breaker” of some sort and slowly the citizens re-emerge - alert if not outright fearful. There is then a debate about the wearing of face masks although they are de rigueur in Asian countries, the “West” has found itself thinking about the deeper meaning of wearing a face mask. Some libertarians, particularly in America, see it as a sign of the Deep State taking over, whereas others see the face mask as a statement of their political values. Next, it is announced by those who think they know best that it is mandatory in some public places or on public transport. Adoption spreads further. Finally, we all decide to live with COVID19 and then think seriously about feeling good and looking good. And voilá, a new product graces the catwalks - virtual though they may be - and the streets of Paris as well as other cosmopolitan cities are then graced by their fashion face masked citizens. 

Fashion Mask Off by The Economist

At The Peony Girl, we have created a wonderful range of cotton fashion face masks - each with a unique design from an original fine art painting, with a certificate of authenticity and lovingly made in the UK by a very exceptional milliner (she works with some leading haute couture houses so we are prevented from revealing her identity at the moment).

And for every new customer, we donate £5 to The Royal Hospital Chelsea, Home of the Chelsea Pensioners.

Stylish, Caring & Giving - Fashion Face Masks for Ladies and Gentlemen from The Peony Girl.

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Header illustration by Ewelina Karpowiak for article "Face mask off - Masks cover your face but your choice of style reveals much about you" on 1843, The Economist, by Pamela Druckerman on 14th May 2020.

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