Why Fine Art Prints Make Great Gifts

Why Fine Art Prints Make Great Gifts

We have officially entered the festive period of Christmas! Even with the pandemic, social distancing, travel restrictions and having to think about forming a Christmas bubble to meet people, one cannot take away the magic of Christmas and the celebrations completely! For many, it’s their favourite time of the year, with all the Christmas decorations appearing in the streets, alongside Christmas trees, angels and Santa Clauses. It is a sparkling, colourful display of joy and holiday cheer.

However, for some, this period also brings a headache and a lot of stress. They dread hours of planning and preparation for the holiday season, and - especially - shopping for gifts. For some of us, the most daunting part is thinking about what to give to our loved ones. Some people indeed dislike gift-giving in the first place. For those who don’t, what surprisingly makes the problem worse is the fact that we have almost everything we could imagine easily available - from gift cards grabbed at a checkout in a supermarket to exotic presents from faraway countries. No wonder that deciding on a perfect gift is a big part of the problem! 

That is why it’s good to start planning gift-buying now instead of leaving it for the last moment! Or - better yet - why not consider our idea to gift art  this year? Fine art prints make for wonderful presents - read below to find out why. 

Peonies of Wisley Garden

Make Their Home Beautiful

This year, we have spent plenty of time indoors - far more than usual. And while it’s true that some people are so caught up with work and daily commitments that they don’t even notice their surroundings or neglect to decorate and personalise their home, there comes a time when they pause and look around. When they have a moment to take a breath, and simply be present, having a beautiful piece of wall art might effectively improve their mood and help them deal with stress. Yes, art-therapy is a thing, and beauty around us improves our mood. That said, having a high-quality fine art print is the easiest and most affordable options to transform your space! 

Inspire Them to Be Creative and Take Interest in Art 

Another reason why a fine art print is a good idea for a gift is that it can open someone up to a whole new world of art. Most people would spend at least a little bit of time trying to find out something about their gift. At the very least, they would try to find out about the painting technique used for the original painting, perhaps even read a bit about the style and the author. It’s also a good idea if you explain the artwork you’re giving them. Some of them might even pick up a new, creative hobby of their own - all because of what they learn about their received gift! 

Rising Above the Silt

No Need for a Lot of Space 

In recent years, with the rise of minimalism, many people discovered the benefits of limiting the number of their possessions, as well as having a clean, distraction-free space around them. Some people even choose to limit themselves to smaller spaces purposefully (check out the art in this or this tiny house). And, on the other side of the spectrum, sometimes having a lot of space is a luxury - not everyone has multiple rooms to fill with items, and that includes gifts. In cases like this, a fine art print has an advantage and makes for a great Christmas gift - it doesn’t take too much space and doesn’t clutter a room. You simply hang it on the wall, and it’s there to admire and enhance the environment - no need to re-arrange the items to find a place for it.  

Peony Portrait - Yellow

As Beautiful As Paintings… 

The high-quality printing techniques available to us, for example, giclée printing technique on German Etching paper, are far different from the black and white printing of the old days. With specialised equipment, inks and types of paper we have access to, prints can be perfect reproductions of paintings. It’s possible to convey details such as the texture of the canvas, type of medium - be it acrylic paint or ink - or depth and different hues of colours used on the original creation.

...But With Much Less Stress

Even though giving someone an actual piece of art might bring the same benefits as gifting a print - however, for those not in the know it may cause a little bit of stress. How so? Well, fine art paintings or sculptures, are quite expensive. And for a good reason, too, as the artist needs to put a lot of effort into creating their artwork, as well as using materials of a certain quality, etc. However, some people feel uncomfortable when they receive a costly gift, and they might feel they need to reciprocate (although it shouldn’t be that way). A fine art print, although a beautiful reproduction, creates a gift experience without all those expectations. 

Xanadu - Three-Piece Set

They Will Last Generations

Unlike fresh items such as flowers, edible gifts, or even clothes and perfumes, the prints will preserve their quality and will continue to please the eye long after being gifted. If they are framed and treated with care, they will  keep their colours and original quality for many, many years. Instead of gifting someone a pointsetta or a floral arrangement, why not give them a reproduction of a peony painting that will last forever? 

All the above are the reasons why a fine art print is a great gift idea to consider - different from run-off-the-mill posters from home decor stores, they are a unique gift. In our store, we have various types of high-quality prints for sale, including reproductions of your favourite peony paintings in ink and mixed media. Visit the store to browse gift ideas.

We wish you and your loved ones a very happy and stress-free Christmas!

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