Gongbi Painting
Online Taster Workshop

The next workshop will be announced shortly.

The Workshop

Gongbi Painting

Gongbi is a realist style of classic Chinese painting with meticulous and precise brushstrokes.

Traditionally Gongbi paintings are created in ink and pigments on rice paper or silk.

To create a good Gongbi painting, it requires concentration, patience and a meditative mind.

I particularly like painting peonies in the Gongbi technique because I love how it can illustrate the delicate petals, and also embrace the challenge of outlining those multi-layered curvy petals.

I am always seeking the elegance of the flowers through the tips of my fine brushes.

The Workshop

In this workshop, the students will experience the two major steps to create a Gongbi painting: 1. brush line drawing and 2. layered colouring, by tracing and studying elements (including flowers and leaves, birds and insects, figures and their clothes) from Gongbi masterpieces. Students will be provided with all the study materials and samples.

The workshop will start with a half-hour introduction of Gongbi technique, followed by demos, hands-on practice and one-on-one guidance.

If you would like to advance your skills, you are welcome to sign up for my 8-weeks' Chinese Gongbi painting classes. 

Painting Materials


Three Brushes: a fine brush for line drawing, two medium brushes for colouring.

Rice Paper: The type we will use is alum treated for Gongi paintings.

Oriental Ink: At this workshop, we will use ready-made oriental ink.

Chinese Pigments: similar to watercolour, but contains adhesive substances.

You will also need a porcelain plate for mixing colours, bowl of water and some kitchen towels. More details will be sent out before the workshop. 

The Next Workshop

We will announce the next Online Taster Workshop shortly

PRICE: £35/person + £10 materials* incl. postage

LOCATION: online via Zoom

*Painting materials: usually in the physical workshop, students can rent brushes. Due to COVID-19, in our online workshop, we will post the materials to the students for them to keep. To keep the cost down, we will send sample tabs of paint (enough for the workshop), ink, paper and used brushes (we will only send those used once in previous workshop) If student wish to buy the full pack of paint and brand-new brushes, we can send recommended product links on Amazon.

Onlilne Gongbi Painting
Taster Workshop