Botanical Prints: Kamada Nishiki Peony
Botanical Prints: Kamada Nishiki Peony
Botanical Prints: Kamada Nishiki Peony

Botanical Prints: Kamada Nishiki Peony

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A botanical art print of tree peony 'Kamada Nishiki' (Paeonia x suffruticosa 'Kamada-nishiki’ (S)), the first in the 2022 edition of the “Peony of the Month” series, available in two print options.   

Our prints are sold unframed and shipped in tubes. Please contact us if you would like to purchase matching frames.   

Product description  

This fine art print is produced on demand on archival paper using the giclée printing technique. Giclée prints are produced with a very high resolution and thanks to it, they are a perfect reproduction of the original art.   

All our giclee prints are produced carefully by our long-trusted partner, On The Edge Framing & Art, who is an approved participant in the Fine Art Trade Guild’s digital print assurance scheme – The ArtSureScheme.   

We inspect every print, limited and open edition, to ensure that the details of the original painting are flawlessly preserved in the highest quality.   

Limited-edition print    

Size: A3 (29.7 x 42.0 cm, 11.69 x 16.53")  

There are only 35 prints for sale available for every peony of the series. It's an interesting proposition for collectors and aficionados of botanical art.    

Each piece will be numbered and personally signed by Siyuan Ren, the artist behind The Peony Girl.   

Open-edition print  

Size: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm, 8.25 x 11.76")    

Our A4 peony art prints are a great choice for making a statement in a limited space or supplementing the existing art display you have in your home.   

As an affordable option, they are perfect for those who wish to purchase multiple prints to create a floral art wall.  

Original painting 

The original painting was created using high-quality mineral pigments on watercolour paper. To achieve the desired tint, multiple layers of colour were slowly and meticulously put on paper. The peony painting showcases blossoms of 'Kamada Nishiki' in two variants - with light and dark purple-pink petals - as well as peony shoots emerging in the spring.   

In this series Siyuan, the artist, combines the precision of botanical illustration with artistic freedom of expression. The paintings showcase different parts of peony plants in various stages of life - we celebrate peonies in all their shapes and forms! 

The original work of this flower painting is currently NOT for sale. We recommend you take a look at other paintings and floral wall art available in our store.  

About the featured peony   

The original floral painting depicts a Japanese peony 'Kamada Nishiki'. Originating in Japan, it’s an old variety of tree peony, known for its longevity and ability to produce up to 200 huge, fragrant flowers per plant - propelled by long, woody stems.  

This long-lived purple-pink peony was recommended by Dominic Wong, the Peony Man from Australia who grows tree peonies (as well as some intersectional and herbaceous peonies). Watch the Peony Chat Show Jan Episode to learn more about tree peonies and find out more about 'Kamada Nishiki' from a botanical artist’s and garden designer’s perspectives!   

Live the Peony Girl lifestyle

I created The Peony Girl because I want to share the beautiful things in life with you. It's not just a painting to decorate your room, but also for you to wear it and live in it. Check out the possibilities of customising your Peony Girl Lifestyle!

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