Fine Art Prints: Xanadu - Swallows
Fine Art Prints: Xanadu - Swallows
Fine Art Prints: Xanadu - Swallows - The Peony Girl
Fine Art Prints: Xanadu - Swallows

Fine Art Prints: Xanadu - Swallows

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The original painting was created using ink and pigments on rice paper. It's part of the three- painting set “Xanadu” - inspired by a classical Chinese poem “The Peach Blossom Spring” and by the idea of a peaceful, idyllic place. Such a place can provide us with solace and escape from daily troubles. You can read the full story behind the painting here

Why not create the atmosphere of your own “Xanadu” with the help of our prints? They are readily available and affordable, our fine art prints are a great option for a gift, whether it be for a loved one, friend or anyone else. 

This part focuses on swallows - they are a lucky sign, a symbol of love and transition. They're flying over stunning blossoming peonies. If you invite them to your home, we hope they bring you comfort and good fortune! It's perfect as a standalone piece, but we also recommend purchasing the whole set of three prints - the effect is astonishing when they are displayed together, as you can see in the last photo. 

You can see the other parts here: Xanadu - Peony and Xanadu - Butterflies. If you purchase all three,

you can enjoy a discount - 5% off the total priceJust enter the discount code "XANADUSET" during checkout. 

All prints are produced on demand in England. To ensure that all the colours and details are perfectly reproduced, giclée print technique was used by our long-trusted partner

On the Edge Framing who is an approved participant in the Fine Art Trade Guild’s digital print assurance scheme – The ArtSure Scheme. 

Frames are not included. All prints are shipped in tubes.To see next print in this series click here.

Print sizes:  

Small: 28 cm x 55 cm / 11" x 22"

Medium: 38 cm x 75 cm / 15" x 29" 


Live the Peony Girl lifestyle

I created The Peony Girl because I want to share the beautiful things in life with you. It's not just a painting to decorate your room, but also for you to wear it and live in it. Check out the possibilities of customising your Peony Girl Lifestyle!

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